Frequently Asked Questions

Will my car get scratched?

At Velo Wash, our tunnel uses soft, gentle cloth, designed to keep dirt and debris from sticking to it. We apply a ample soap, water and compounds to lubricate your vehicle before it reaches the cloth in the tunnel and throughout the washing process. The end result: your car emerges clean, shiny and without getting scratched.

Is the conveyor safe for my rims?

Yes. At Velo Wash, you will find a yellow rubber safety rail that runs the entire length of the conveyor to prevent damage to your tires and rims.

Why don’t you prep vehicles prior to them entering the tunnel?

We use ample soap, water and compounds. Prepping it is simply unnecessary.

Will my rims get cleaned?

Yes. Our tire and rim scrubber automatically oscillates as your vehicle goes through the tunnel. Prior to hitting the tire and wheel scrubber, compounds made specifically for tires and rims are applied that loosen dirt and grime, making it easier to scrub clean.

Do you dry vehicles?

Of course. Every vehicle that comes into Velo Unlimited Car Wash gets towel dried with clean, microfiber towels upon exiting the wash. Our staff take care to make sure this last step in the process leaves your car shiny and clean.

How does your undercarriage/underbody wash work?

Undercarriage/underbody washing is done through a water and chemical manifold that sits under the vehicle as it passes through the tunnel’s second cloth ‘mitter’ (better known as the cloth “monsters” that switch from front-to-back or side-to-side). The manifold stays on and sprays water onto the underside of your vehicle as it passes by. And, the manifold is centered, so even if your vehicle is particularly narrow or wide, the drivetrain is washed and sprayed evenly and in the same manner.

Do waxes in the tunnel actually do anything for my car?

Yes! All of the additional waxes in Velo Wash’s process contribute toward protecting the clear coat of your vehicle’s paint. The more wax you put on your vehicle, the less the likelihood is of developing surface scratches or spiderwebbing.

What should I use to clean snow and ice off of my car?

Whatever you use, please be gentle with the paint on your vehicle. Velo Wash recommends turning your vehicle on and letting it heat up from the inside out. Once the car has had time to warm up, it is safe to use a snowbrush or scraper on the glass of your vehicle. Remember, using it on painted surfaces can and will scratch your vehicle. This is so important to be aware of as we don’t want any of our customers scratching their cars. Oftentimes, customers clear snow from their vehicle and drive through road salt, then come to the car wash for a thorough cleaning. Once the car is clean, scratches from cleaning the snow off become very visible. It is natural to think the scratches were acquired at the car wash. It is a typically unpleasant conversation trying to explain what likely occurred. So remember…