About Velo

Velo Unlimited Car Wash offers you fast, convenient, safe, and friendly service and, of course, a clean, shiny vehicle.

There is always an owner or general manager on site available for customers with a question or concern. In the rare case that an owner is not onsite when you need to speak with one, our staff will take your contact information and an owner will contact you within 24 hours.

At Velo Unlimited Car Wash, we take pride in high customer satisfaction ratings. For us, this starts with producing a clean car. However, it goes much deeper than that. Our vacuum area is kept clean and swept throughout the day. Trash cans are emptied regularly, and our parking lot is kept clean. Our staff are all in uniform, making it easy for customers to identify Velo employees. We clean our equipment, especially our cloth, daily so it is fresh for the next day’s washes. We perform daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance on all of our equipment to ensure everything is in good working order.

Never feel as though you are complaining if something isn’t right. We want to be sure to fix the issue right away. In fact, at Velo Unlimited Car Wash, we thank customers when they bring an issue to our attention. The only way we can improve is by letting us know where we may have missed the mark.


Tips for getting onto the conveyor and going through the tunnel:

We know some customers get a bit nervous pulling onto the conveyor or track. This is completely normal. At Velo Unlimited Car Wash, we have it under control. If you are extremely uncomfortable, we are happy to drive for you when you enter. If this is the case, please pull into the vacuum area, go to the cashier’s booth, and simply make a request to have an attendant drive your vehicle for you. You will ride in the passenger seat as your vehicle goes through.

If you decide to give it a try, here are a few simple tips.

  • When you come to the curve in our driveway – as you approach the cashier’s booth, a bell will ring to alert our cashier that you are approaching. There is a stop sign before you pull on the track. Our cashier will lean out of the window and guide you onto the track. They will tell you which way to turn your wheel, then have to come forward. Once your front wheel is in between the two yellow guide rails, you can take your hands off the wheel and enjoy the ride. The track will guide and slide your vehicle onto the conveyor.
  • Do you have an extra-long vehicle? Make sure to straighten out your vehicle before you to pull on, enabling your back tire to catch the guide rails.
  • Once your vehicle is securely on the track, pull up to the window and let the cashier know which wash you would like. Please place your receipt on the dashboard of your vehicle, so our attendants are aware of your selection.
  • From this point until you come to the end of the conveyor, there are three rules to follow:
    • Keep your car in neutral,
    • Keep your foot off the brake,
    • No steering.
  • When your vehicle comes to the end of the tunnel, please wait until your vehicle is done being pushed by the conveyor. Now put your car in drive and slowly drive out of the tunnel. Please be aware that another car may be right behind you so it is important to stay alert as you finish your wash so you can exit the tunnel.
  • Follow our attendants’ directions so they may dry your vehicle and apply tire shine if you purchased it.

Why Choose Us


Velo Unlimited has years of industry experience and professionally trained staff to provide you with the best car wash experience.


Velo Unlimited maintains all-new, top-quality equipment to leave your vehicle clean and shiny.


Come to Velo Wash with a dirty vehicle and leave happy with a clean car that’ll look brand new.

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